The Notes App Trap

For those in the know, I love my Notes app when it comes to writing in a pinch, or having ideas and not wanting to sit at a laptop. The bulk of a short story came from writing in Notes, and I loved it. I wrote out my best short story via Notes. I also wrote out parts of scripts and screenplays via Notes. 

What I had were chunks of material that perhaps needed trimming for the short story.  For the scripts I had a gang of stuff that I either used or tossed away. It’s kind of a mixed bag when it comes to Notes. I think on this as I wrote out a huge chunk for a scene, and I fear overwriting it. 

Sounds like a good time as any to stop, transfer to Word, format, and let it cool off. 

Oddly enough, for dialog, it works great as it typically lacks describe until I process it in Word. Maybe that’s what need to do: keep it simple. 

Happy creative endeavors 


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