That Moment You Say, “I’m Done,” and You Mean It

Yesterday I was 100% ready to put the novel on the back burner. This was necessary, as it seemed the momentum for completing it cooled down, and ideas weren’t coming. I knew that the moment I started other projects, and idea or two would come flooding back, and I’d be back in the novel saddle again. The back burner had to be real though. Sometimes saying I’m done just puts the project on life support. 

This morning I woke up to clarity for a scene, and got my Notes app and wrote it down.  I thought a few lines, and I’d add it to a master file. It’s all single spaced. Can’t tell how much it is yet, but up until I started writing this blog, I was still adding to it. I’m taking a break, but I wouldn’t mind revisiting this all throughout today to see where this goes. First draft ain’t supposed to be pretty, right? Decent, but never pretty. 

Let me also add a few days ago I confused myself by coming up with an alternate version of the story. It did get me excited, however, I think once I started with the novel, I needed to commit to what’s in front of me. I’m going to save that idea because I know I can use it later. I am happy for this breakthrough, and need to keep moving as it does. 

Happy creative endeavors. 


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