The Write Thing to Do

The week has had its upsets, highs and lows. Now it’s time to get to creativity. The novel stalled again, but I’m cool with that. I am positive after a while away from it, I’ll want to add more to the material provided I keep reminding myself to work on it, and visit it periodically. I will keep this ball rolling even if it takes me another year to complete.  I hope the time will be shorter, though.

I do have a collaborative project I hope to keep plugging away at. It’s slowly forming, and I’m communicating more with the team, so we should bounce all sorts of ideas off of each other and implement them in a timely fashion. At least that’s my goal.

Another thing I’ve done is look at some ideas stirring in my head, and put them onto paper. They seem to linger until I commit them to reality. I would like to see some kind of plot/ideas forming that will make these ides come to light. These ideas will likely be screenplays, as I haven’t done one in a while, and I really would like to see some completed screenplays in my portfolio.  This means digging up my completed worksheets and revising them so they look/feel more like plots to start a screenplay from.

I did look up my TV spec pilot, and I realize I left the files as a hot mess, and that’s all on me. That needs work to clean up, and revisions galore. I can tell you I have fresh eyes for this so I need to put notes on it when I find the right file. We won’t talk about a set of short stories I haven’t finished or left alone for a while and need to revise.

This only means I need to open a journal for my work and keep with it.  I need tangible progress.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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