Political Discourse

OK, I voted early, mainly because I had to work on Election Day. I love to exercise my right to vote. Many people have been beaten, threatened, intimidated, or killed for daring to use their given rights as a US citizen. Some people fear people’s genuine voice and reason more so than they believe in their own authenticity. Otherwise they would not be so happy to impede the happiness and individuality of others.

Now we have a new president elect. Here’s the thing; a platform of hate, racism, homophobia, sexism, and Islamaphobia was how this campaign launched, and people seem ok with this because the polices sounded ok? For real?

Well for those of us who happen to be minorities, and some who aren’t, this platform is scary as all get out. Some people felt truly emboldened to act on their impulses and make others feel unsafe. That’s never good, and when anyone feels they can violate your rights, while maintaining their in the highest imagined integrity, that’s simply wrong. I am worried because I’ve heard from friends and fam who are concerned about how hate can affect them, and it may not be safe to go to the grocery store without someone being ignorant and hateful.

Friends have also expressed what rights could be re-appealed in the law, and they are afraid of being treated poorly, and that being acceptable in the eyes of the law.  That’s a legit concern as well.

I try to stay positive, and focus on things I can do to make my life better. It doesn’t mean I’m in a bubble. as a POC my rights could be questioned.  I live in SC, a state where two trials are going on now concerning hate crimes. It feels like open season on all minorities. It’s ugly, feels cruel, and unjust.

It goes without saying I meet all sorts of amazing people from all walks of life and different backgrounds who are great people I feel blessed for knowing, and there are some I’d rather not meet or speak with again. I hope the upcoming times do bring us some peace, positive change, and success without the hatred, bigotry, and ugliness I’ve seen in the past few months.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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