LMG 11/08/2016

LMG 11/08/2016
by S. Raynard Haynes

Relax your grip,
You hold on too tightly.
You think you rise,
As I struggle to breathe.
I’m fine, I’m alright,
I will never stay down.

Set me free.
Watch me fade from your eyes,
And you from mine,
Until we are distant memories,
Of where we used to be.
Where we dreamed of going,
Until we laughed ourselves Tired.
Set free the angry, petty stings of bitterness.

As they dart and revisit,
And you get high off
Vapor and foolish dreams.

Get it all out of your system,
Cleanse the dreams,
Hiding deep in your marrow.
Wash away with the dirt and pains,
That easily to cling to your body.

LMG: Let me go.
The truth is,
I have let you free,
A very long time ago.
You were the cautionary tale,
That was told and forgotten,
In my ages of caution,
Headed, and no longer needed.

Wherever I go in life,
I laugh, smile and move on,
With my life.


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