Writing and Reading Post

Today is the day where I get think about what am I doing to improve my writing. By working on a secondary project with someone else, I was able, for a brief period, to “forget” my novel. This helped me by adding some new ideas in my head, that appealed to me. I’m thinking gaming helped, as I was consumed with winning (I had several losses too) and that made me focus on something other than my writing projects. I also found myself watching movies. I haven’t been able to sit through a movie or TV show lately.  I don’t know what’s going on with that, but I was a hot mess.

I started reading the sci-fi novel Ahsoka, which is part of the Star Wars franchise.  I’m a little behind. Was supposed to read during my break. I’m also reading Vicious which is sort of like literary superheroes–if that makes sense. It’s got some dark elements, and I find myself wondering “what next” as I read. Hopefully I will make more time to read.

I lost my train of thought for the moment, and haven’t been able to focus the way I needed to. So I think its best to end the post here, and keep working on getting better.


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