I Get To Brain Today

For the record I am still being creative, and still writing even though I am playing video games. For the past couple of days my mind has got into rethinking some projects. For the novel, I had an idea that changes the main character a whole lot. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, BUT it is a legit idea that helps me add to the story. I’m excited and nervous. It may be what I needed to push the story in the right direction.

Tuesday is also Election Day. It could be a wonderful, or terrible moment in US history, but we won’t know until the election is over. Voted early, but still, I’m guessing the drama will arrive and be a nasty stinking hot mess. I hope and pray the night will be good.

I hope people will come together and be better for the nation. This is a great nation, I love being an American, working hard, and trying to be better each day. I hope the world will be OK.

Happy creative endeavors.


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