Early Morning Post


Today I’m up and about early, and its throwing me off, so why not start with a blog post.  In about thirty mins or so I should be focused. As it stands, I didn’t hear my alarm, got up late, and got freshened, dressed, and out the door. I don’t feel like I’m at 100%, but in due time things will work out.

Had more ideas this morning which usually translates as to put them on paper soon. I’ll work on that at some time today. Found myself embracing more absurd ideas for the novel, which will help.  Some scenes play out like a Tex Avery animated show in my head. I like this direction. It put a smirk on my face.

I also realize how trick it can be to edit and write  when I don’t have some focus going on.  I don’t feel bad about that, but I’m realizing I’m still not fully awake, or I haven’t “snapped” into active mode yet. Still, I’m happy to be up and about, and it’s time to do something positive with my time.

Happy creative endeavors.



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