I have to say this election year has been the worst kind of hot mess (nuclear mess). I find I had to stop watching news cause some of the coverage was sincerely irking me like crazy, and other parts turned me off 100%. So on top of that I’ll be working on election day, so the best option was to early vote and stop thinking about it. I am happy to cast my vote, and I hope and pray that the world will be ok.

I did find some of the coverage and responses very juvenile and offensive, and some seem to be ok with this behavior. Some news coverage became sort of an entertainment network with “I can’t believe person x said this,” and so many times where facts should have mattered, I heard name-calling.  Suddenly all the journalism and fact-finding became irrelevant. Another thing that seemed to be soft-pedaled was the racism and racist rhetoric which seemingly became bad talking points that seemingly faded from the front lines of thoughts.  Not to mention sexism, and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

To this end, I find this election sad, even though it’s historical (first female presidential nominee), a reality star became the Republican nominee (not really historical) and somehow out-appealed the Republicans at their own game. The world seems so damn crazy.

It’s not everything that’s happened in this election cycle, but this is enough to have me like, whoa. What is this mess?

Will get back to creative stuff.  I need it. It makes me happy.


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