Relax, It’s Saturday

Yesterday I got 4 1/4 pages typed, so that wasn’t that bad. I find myself trying to relax a little before writing again. Yesterday was partly about putting together a scene to introduce the hero to the readers.  It’s clumsy, sloppy, and needs refining so bad. This will likely expand the pages anywhere from six to ten. I need details, better transitions, and clarity of who’s speaking.

Should have made breakfast, as I am a little sluggish, and I tell myself to do a blog post. So here I am, blogging. Not much more to say other than the house smells like food, and outside doesn’t smell as good. Maybe I’ll make some sweet tea. Something to keep me a little active while keeping me from overdoing my day.

Allergies calmed down, thank goodness. I’m used to the mornings of burning eye (eye, not eyes), as one eye wants to be on fire, while the other is like, “no thanks.” The allergy meds seems to calm down Mr Let’s Be Agitated.

Happy creative endeavors.


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