Friday and Inspiration

Late last night, as I was trying to go to sleep, ideas hit me for the novel.  Rather than lay there dreaming of it, I opened my Notes app and wrote some of it down.  It was a rewrite of a scene where the hero finds an ancient pool, and after writing it, I thought the scene was static.  He lays by the pool, chilling.  The prevailing thought is why isn’t he splashing about and having a great time, or at least getting out of the pool, then the phone rings.  I’m trying to make anything I do that feels static, have a flow to it, and not be so standstill.

Other than that, I have an iced latte in hand, and I need this to wake me a little more.  I feel good today, and I’d like for my creative endeavors to pop just a little brighter today.  As y’all know, I fall off the creative wagon so much, I may need insurance (jk). I’m telling myself to smile a little more, be a lot nicer, and try to work on new things, and at least four pages for the novel. It can and will be done, if I take the time to get things done.  Four pages is ambitious, but I want to aim for something other than minimal output.

Also its warm, nice outside, and I feel there are new ideas waiting to be written down.  Also gonna hit my print journal up but good.  Friday is a delight.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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