Clean Up

Yesterday, I felt like cleaning up my room. It was cluttered with a lot of junk, so I managed to throw a lot away, and that was a good thing. Managed to not watch more than one police procedural, which I kinda do on Sundays, and I felt the hand of despair on me. I hated it.  So I tried a few episodes of Mr. Robot, which was bad, but kinda sad at the same time.  Did some gaming to get my mind off of things, then I did more cleaning.

I typed out four new pages for the novel. I feel they need to be expanded upon (it always feels so compact/abrupt when I first type the words out). So maybe four pages may become a few more so that I show a few more details, and some conversations, as well as progress the story.  So I am happy for that.  Also need to update the print journal, and see where that goes.

Happy creative endeavors.


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