For those not in the know, I used to take photography classes for fine art and digital photography. With fine art, you shoot film, manipulate light and shutter speeds, to produce a variety of results. You develop your film, and as you print, you can do even more manipulations with the film and light.

You also need to think of your subject as a composition, and how you frame the image.  Not frame as in placed on a wall, but how it’s focused on in the image.  For example, you can take a photo of a piano, but what you focused on the keys? What angle would you use? Do you use a tripod to steady your hand.  How much light are you using (is it natural light or artificial/flash)? What angle do you choose?

All those questions seem overwhelming, and believe me, they FELT like that during classes.This is only the start though.  Once you get your film developed, make a proof and look over what you have (and you take multiple shots), you have to print something worth mounting on matte board. From there your image may be good, but perhaps it needs MORE work. Did I use the right photo printing paper? Did I push myself far enough to get the right composition?

The hard push is for quality in an image that you could show in a gallery. You also learn to master a camera, become aware of light sources, and see a different point of view.  It takes a while to master the camera, even longer to master prints. Any photographer will shoot a minimum of three roles of film to get five to six great prints.  It’s work, and ALWYAS felt like two art classes in one.  It was 100% worth it, and I wish I could put more time into is an expensive skill.

What does this have to do with cinema or writing? You can tell multiple stories in a print or a series of print. The details can be rich, elegant, or whimsical. These skills tend to blend when I embrace them. They segregate themselves when I ignore their elements. Better to embrace these elements and have some harmony in my creativity.

Happy creative endeavors.


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