Friday Is Here

Rather than be discombobulated, I’d rather discuss how proactive I’m going to be today.  I feel the need for a blog post, which is part of my routine, so I’m happy for that. Second, I got me a latte, which is also great.  I’m gonna be busy with getting some work-related stuff done, like checking shelves, and desk duties. Somewhere in between these tasks, and later on today, I’m gonna jot down ideas, perhaps the start of a new scene, and get a print journal entry done.  So, let there be progress.

Yesterday was interesting, as I did do some reading, that I said I would, but the focus was more on articles than on a novel or short story. At the very least I did read, but I hope today I get some reading that’s fiction, and keep working towards reading and writing.

Happy creative endeavors.


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