The Dance of Today

Very discombobulated, and did nothing creative as far as writing went. It was a sad, bust of a day.  So, I had a writing fail, and a fail but good. This doesn’t mean I give up. It’s a rough patch of distractions, and one thing I want to do is set up reminders to get back on the horse and write again. For one thing, I can’t claim that gaming got me. I didn’t game at all. By time I got home, ate dinner, and relaxed, it was time to sleep. So I felt pressed.  It’s time to put that routine back into motion.

Well now that I have some inkling to get in gear, I best put it to use.  This place is popping today, and I barely have time to put things in motion, but I shall. so free time means put five sentences down today. The goal is to see a full page done today. If not, I’m gonna have to reevaluate how and why I’m neglecting my progress so strongly. So something is definitely going on that’s got me everywhere but excited over my usual creative goodness.

Happy creative endeavors.



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