So…This Weekend

I am too frustrated as several events spun wildly out of my control, and I got frustrated. It had nothing to do with creativity, in the sense that it pressed me for mad attention, and payments.  Needless to say I was a little more than stressed, and some of my de-stressing attempts failed because I was constantly interrupted, and to prevent myself from being hostile, I had to decompress. Mostly I tried music, and then I watched some TV, even played some games, and that was frustrating too. The upsets kept coming.

By upsets I mean things went wrong. Without being overly detailed, it was a car issue that spun into a family issue, that spun into a “let’s get this done” issue, that would not get done with a cohesive voice. It reflects my writing sometimes. That make me smirk, and I appreciate the circle that situation can take us on. Life simply switched the subject, and the circle remained the same. My time things were done, I had tense neck pain and a deep migraine. Not how I planned a weekend to treat me. So today is my vacation from my weekend. I felt like a real hot mess of a mess.

So now that the chaos is gone, I will get to some writing. I’ll report on this after getting this material done. I need to get back on point, and be glad I’m done with that particular episode.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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