Friday’s Here


A few days ago I decided that some dialog I wrote for the novel needed tweaking. The exchange was pleasant, had tension, but felt very conservative, and less antagonistic. After all, I’m expecting people to fall into this story, and I’ve played it a lot safe.  So crafting some words is always good, and I do like that I finished the scene, but the reworking I see will call for both characters to react in different/stronger ways than started. That’s not a problem.

I find myself experimenting a lot, not knowing a lot of this stuff, and feeling a bit overwhelmed, and scared. Still I need to press on. Why? Why the hell not? Why keep wishing and wanting instead of doing? If I want this to work, I have to put in more time. It IS confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming, but it was never going to be a breeze (and if it was, I can tell you it needs massive revisions).

So work will be good. Writing will be good. Life is good. I just got to do better in regards to time for the novel.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


4 thoughts on “Friday’s Here

    • Hello. Thanks for responding.

      I was thinking, in regards to showing some of my writing by either me posting a sample on my blog. At least the scene I was talking about (the first pass and revisions), or exchanging emails. Let me know what works for you.

  1. I feel your pain. I TA’d for a quarter in grad school. My professor was certainly busy at several points with papers and emails. Also working on a campus in a different position I see busy/stressed out students, and busy professors all the time.

    Posting on my page is fine. Thanks again for posting and responding.

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