Walk It Off

Sometimes it’s hard to focus on what my true goals are, however I always keep trying. What I’d like to do is eliminate those doubts, anxieties, and insecurities that plague me as a person and as an artist. The only way to shut those down is for me to embrace the fact that I neither have to be universally liked or praised in order to complete projects. 

Furthermore, I don’t need to be afraid of my shadow. I have the skills and there’s no need to wait, or hesitate.  Even if the project’s going in the wrong direction, so long as I put my best effort without fear–into the project, that’s what truly matters. 

So, I gotta walk off a lot of crap, I allowed to fill my mind.  I gotta risk people being pissed off, offended, or outright hating to hate. I must keep working in spite of nonsense, and no apologies. 

No damn will be given, or expected. I do wanna have fun, freedom, and to move away from BS. Such is life. It ain’t easy, but them goals is mine. 

Happy creative endeavors. 


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