Back in State

Hurricane Matthew came and left Charleston, SC, which was heck to deal with. I was out of state, and returning home was a hot mess on top of a hot mess. My poor eyes could not take the constant glare on the road. It felt horrible, but we (the family) made it back home with only the occasional hits of slowed traffic.

I have to direct. I am still trying to recover from this experience. I am tired, sleepy, discombobulated, and worse of all, not feeling like doing much.  I need a day to sleep and NOT be bothered with events.  Since I am up and about, I’m doing some up and about things, like blogging.

One of the things I was able to do while out of town was work on the novel. Expanding parts of a story that while good, needed some more work. So being without home distractions made me write more.  Barely touched my print journal until I arrived home. Then I put in for a full page. So perhaps I can push myself more in the direction of writing more for the novel. I just need to stop being exhausted.

Happy creative endeavors.


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