Under and Into the Weather

For the past few days I’ve been sick. Allergies and sinuses have gone haywire. It started with mild sneezing fits, burning nostrils, then congestion that wouldn’t quit.  I spent the time trying to recover, and didn’t fell 100% when it was announced that the colleges were closing, and there was an evacuation order due to hurricane Matthew possibly hitting the Carolinas, among other places.  

I don’t live directly on the coast, so we are doing a wait and see thing about the sea being so disruptive. I’m less worried, and not happy about the situation, and I’m praying we are all ok. 

Closing college early proved to be chaotic, but very, very necessary. During a typical storm day, the city gets flooded to a point one can’t drive down some main streets, or walk those sidewalks unless you want your pants to be soaked, or your car to stall in a big pool of water. I can only imagine a nearby hurricane adding water to a flood prone area would be a disaster. Last year the rain was really bad in the city. The damage and chaos was astounding. 

So creativity took a back seat, but I told myself, “blog today, and relax for the moment.” I feel n the long rung, blogging helps uncluttered my thoughts,many opens the door to creative endeavors.  

Happy creative endeavors, and hope all remain safe in this trying weather.  


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