When I create stories and art, I never thought of their emotional impact on a potential viewer or reader. This is a fascinating topic for me to consider because a couple of people have had reactions to my material. I learn this stuff after the fact, but it may go hand in hand with me not paying attention to these details beforehand. So if I wanted to draw a figure, riddled with anxiety, why not draw it, use wild colors, exaggerated features, and a slightly messy pastel style at first?

In regards to writing, unless I was writing horror, or conversely a love story, I never put too much weight into how the material impacts the audience. You’re supposed to find love, or feel love/romantic aspects with a love story. You’re supposed to have a sense of fear and to a large extent, discomfort with a horror story.

There are a variety of other emotions that can and should happen with stories and art. For me, I am wondering how can I focus better on making creations that give particular sensations and feelings, and what that embodies.  Ages ago I did a report on how films show desire. It was a good project to think about. I started by looking at films, and how the camera treated scenes and characters.

It’s good for me to put more thought behind a creation and hopefully this will show strongly in the final product.

Happy creative endeavors.






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