The Fear Agent

Sometime I think about why some of my projects get completed. My first thought was that I’m kinda scared of the results. Yes, there’s fear mixed in with the excitement of creating and completing a project. I think I don’t know where works can take me, and the fear of leaving my comfort zone can be a be intimidating to me. It’s like when you watch an intense scene and you want to look away, except I’m creating the intense scenes. In that regards, I’m a hot mess.

That said, the only way to beat fear is too keep working away at my writing. Fear is just a tool, and I, like anyone else can beat a fear, if we work hard at it. In this case, I’m asking myself, “what do I have to fear by completing my projects,” and the answer is nothing. I have to apply myself (old school term) and get focused. It’s not like I can’t put the effort into my craft. I’m reminded that I take writing for granted all the time.

Ultimately, it’s up to me to face my fears, and conquer them so that I remain on point for my creative projects.

Happy creative endeavors.


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