Early Bird

The world is a hot mess of things to sort out. One of them is getting up early. I don’t like to do mornings, let alone be coherent when being mopey will do nicely. Sleep is a silent stalker, and often creeps up on me from the shadows, and hits hard when I’m up early. I’m not in a position to go back to bed, so when the sleep creeps, I have to shake it off. Today is a day to get something done.

Print journal got some mad love as I tried to review some of the writing I did for the novel, and added an extra journal. I made some revisions to some things, but I really owe it to myself to sit and type these parts out. Somehow I’ve managed to avoid doing the heavy lifting of transcribing my own work, and that’s not good. I will say this about a few things I wrote a while back, which is I am looking at some of the material with fresh eyes.

Every now and then I drift into some bawdy humor/creations, and I know it’s too early for this, but fun is fun, is humor I guess.

Back to the grind of early morning, peeps.

Happy creative endeavors.


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