Designed by Impulse

Sometimes to reach a point in a story or drawing for me, there is no full knowing. No outline or sketch can fully render all that I think it will do. There will be changes. Ripples in the pond that make dramatic, lasting effects.

For example, I know I would use blue, but this particular shade has a lot of power behind it, and what was not what I had in mind. Now it has a place on the landscape of the canvas. Perhaps it’s a line in a story. That impulse yields fruit.

Sometimes impulse is emotion or an emotional response that hides in plain sight, and can override some of the most well-thought out plans. It is a moment, a movement, a thought which knows it must be felt and heard.

Other times sketches are structure, like the outline for a story. I didn’t know things could be resolved so quickly if I hadn’t thought them out, and struggled to resolve their issues. That window in the painting looks too high. Can it be lowered? Can anything be seen outside, and does it hold any form of attention?

Structure can empower us, make us focused, give us control over things we often let go astray. I can only speak for myself, but once things go awry, I find I have to put some order into the chaos.

Happy creative endeavors.




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