This is Not Chaos

OK, I’m getting older. This weekend is my birthday. I will be good and tired, and likely will want to sleep. I feel already tired, which means I either need some coffee, or suffer though trying to stay awake. It’s all good. I will make it through the day, since going back to bed is not the option I was hoping for.

So this week I need to do more. It seems like my writing mojo has upped and walked away, and its up to me too keep things moving. This little walk out means pushing myself to get stuff done regardless of inspiration or not. Also if what I come up with is a hot mess of BS, then that’s what it will have to be. The goal is to have ten pages by Sunday. I can get two done today if I focus.

I also need to show more love to the print journal, which gets me going with the writing, along with my blog. So this is me trying top get stuff done.

Happy creative endeavors.



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