The Wolf Has His Due

Before I start on anything, I did put the effort into getting my five sentences done for my novel. Went a little over the minimum, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s been tricky to get some kind of balance with my time and creative focus. Now that I’ve gotten back to a point of focus, I’m gonna try and keep that balance. Balance is good for me.

That said, the title is about how sometimes my “wolf” character (the antagonist), doesn’t get his due. That is he’s never close enough to the pig to taste the pork, and for a villain, if he can’t get near the source of his or her desires, what’s the point of pretending the hero is in jeopardy–there’s no real stakes? So what about this wolf? I gotta be a little sympathetic to him. Make sure he has the burning desire, and the skill and will to seize the object of desire, then they must do their darnedest to stay hungry for it, and the tenacity to try again for what they want. That doesn’t mean he gets the goal and has his way, but the hero should catch some kind of hell dealing with such a cunning foe.

It feels so weird to write and know that the antagonist really doesn’t have a chance. I suppose I have to come to terms with the fact that there should be a real possibility a hero could lose in the situation, and take him closer to losing that I feel “safe” with. Safe feels good. Safe calms my anxieties. Safe, however makes my story ring a bit hollow, and that’s not the kind of story I wish to write.

Happy creative endeavors.



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