It’s Wednesday (But I Was Sure It Was Tuesday)

This is how thrown off I am. It’s Wednesday, and I really haven’t put two and two together in regards to what’s going on. I feel like a hot mess.  At the same time, I feel like I just got out of bed, and haven’t processed this day outside of a few perimeters. Well hello hump day. Woke up to weird dreams that don’t make sense, and somewhat make me feel now that the day needs me to focus better.  Just odd stuff.

Yesterday, writing was minimal. That happens. I really need to remind myself to do at least five sentences after I post this in my journal. I did do a journal post, so I count my creativity as good.  Perhaps its stress. I am stressing over a variety of things, and I need to calm myself down.  Relax should be the main goal, then five sentences.



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