Pesky Sleep

My sleep has been so deprived for the past few days, and a brother needs a mean recharge. The weather has been extra odd with sun and rain, sometimes at the same time. With the temps we’ve been having, its humid during the day too.  Fall is around the corner, and even worse, when the temps drop, my sinuses and allergies flare up. Yes, I’m taking my allergy meds, and sticking to the schedule. I love a good schedule.

Speaking of time management, I’ve falling off the routine wagon again…I’m getting back on. Grateful at least that I did show my print journal some love AND I wrote more stuff for my novel in the journal. Also clarified some points for another story I wrote, but I needed to sit down and revise what I scribbled down. That’s a whole nother project, and I like the idea that I put it in my journal, so I have it around in a space I always return to.

I really need to make good use of my time, and manage my goals, so I’ll go focus on that today. Hopefully next post will be about what I did to implement my goals.

Happy creative endeavors.


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