Lots of things are happening, and that usually means my mind is going in many directions, and I need to dial it back. Yesterday was an all-day rain day. The sun’s out now, but the sky looks like it wants to pour again. We shall see, and hopefully make the best of what we have.

A good thing that is happening is I have ideas for the novel I’d love to implement. The first one is changing how I see one of the allies in the story. They were a bit bland when I created them, and this cat had yet to find his voice. So that may be shaping up soon. Will have to write a scene and see if that voice works. A scene I wrote the other day needs a rewrite. Not because it’s bad, but because one of the characters needs a stronger voice. At the moment, this character is cranky. I can do better for this one.

It’s always good to look at some characters, and realize their personas need work, and feel that rewrite is within my power. So I’m glad for that.

Yesterday i did write a little more than five sentences, and I like where that was heading. Gotta add more to it, and also check some names for continuity issues. Eventually I will have to sit down and make a list of the characters, and where they are so I can work with them more efficiently. Don’t wanna use the wrong names and locations.

Happy creative endeavors.


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