Dust Myself Off and Try Agin

In an earlier post, I mentioned my lack of focus when it comes to creativity. I have been quite creative with ideas and some additions to other stories. It’s good to keep going with ideas. I don’t want to dismiss that aspect of my writing. I do want to get back to the novel. Last week I hand wrote out some scenes, and that was good, but it’s Wednesday, and I want to get more scenes/progress towards completion.

The goal for today is not to give up on my novel, or myself. So what I’d like to do is take this one word at a time, and one sentence at a time. If I can get five sentences today, that will be fine, so long as I put the focus on the growth of my novel. I don’t mind getting back on the horse and trying again. I don’t mind the baby steps, as I want to get myself back in the routine.  Success is a process, but it does take me being active, and pushing myself.

Happy creative endeavors.


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