Build A Better Body

Yesterday, while writing in my print journal, I came up with the dialogue for a scene in the novel. Naturally I wrote it out, and loved it.  It’s not perfect, but it fits with the world, and needs to be typed, formatted, and revised to be a full, written scene. So I’m happy for that. It’s a little bit of progress that made yesterday a lot sweeter.

Today is about the body. How we see it, how it is the source of joy and pain. How it’s depicted in films, do we see ourselves as good or bad, or rather indifferent to bodies in general. As a writer and artist I tend to watch , and listen to people all the time. These are issues that come up in the novel from time to time. I guess I have a reocurring them. I still don’t know everything. I know it has moments where I try to get more done.

One good thing today is I was writing more scenes, descriptions, and dialog. It’s worth it to get more writing done, so I’m pleased with the progress. Now I’m freaking hungry. Time for a meal.


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