Tropical Depressions, and Other Fun Stuff

Last week was filled with things like incoming tropical depressions, and even worse, shutting things down, like the college, which meant no library time on Friday, stopping by the store to pick up some supplies, and the day before the shut down, making sure some supplies were in place. It felt hectic and a little unnerving. Fortunately the storm came. blew a few things more than it rained, then hauled tail outta town.

Focus, more than creativity dried up.  It was a bit annoying. I wrote down ideas, and kept it moving.  Yesterday, without thinking, had a zen moment, and wrote down stuff for the novel. It seemed to be the right thing for me, so I went with the flow. I hop to duplicate this effect today, even if its a random few paragraphs I can put energy into.  Hopefully things will have a swing to them, and some focused creativity shines through.

Other than that, today I woke up later than planned, scrambled to get myself together, and felt hella rushed this morning.  I really need to get a dedicated alarm clock that stays put and is not my phone. This may give me the consistency I crave for the days.

As always, happy creative (and focused) endeavors.


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