Days of Confusion

This is not a hot mess post, but rather an example of when my consistency falls off. It happens to me all the time. I find that there are periods where no consistent writing gets done, but the creativity is still there. I’ve been writing, randomly, capitalizing on ideas I’ve had, and seeing how they look. I’ve made outlines for stories, and I am writing. The work may very well be good, but I’ve lost my focus. This includes a lack of blog posts, and writing in my print journal, so I’m super random.

So, I say, ride through the chaos, and eventually get back to a side of on point creativity. I will say I have a lot of randomness going on. There’s a tropical storm on the horizon for SC, and that’s a great bit of chaos. Does the college close, or stay open. The streets will likely be flooded, and maybe classes will be cancelled. Don’t know yet.  Will find out sometime today, or early tomorrow.

I am happy to write this post, and try to bounce back from the chaos. Every little bit counts, right?

Happy creative endeavors.


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