A Simple Monday

Woke up late. It was awful. My faithful alarm was set to vibrate. Normally I hear this, no matter what, but today I was in a deep sleep, and didn’t even react to its constant going off. Needless to say, the scramble to get together, and out the door proved to be a challenge, and that was annoying as all get out. Still I accepted the challenge, and worked with it. I should get me a latte. I am too non-focused today.

One thing that I was doing, was imagining the first part of a story that I wrote the concept out for. Who knows where this will go, or how far it will distract me, but when I see it that clear, I need to put it in a file, or write it down on pen and paper. Somewhere today, I’ll make this wish come true. That’s who I am, it’s what I do. Also need to show the print journal some love. I’ve been slacking off.

Reading’s going well, and has consumed my break time. I like having at least thirty minds of uninterrupted reading time, and I get that. So I’m good. tried to get reading time at home, and everyone seems to find a reason to stop me. I hate breaking the pace I’m going at. I need to make a no-interrupt zone at home to finish.

Noticed yesterday my lack of organization has left my bedroom in a state of chaos. It looked rather dreadful, and I was indifferent to it. I get that feeling it will always stay like it is, but I need to clean this sucker up. We shall see.  Will do the five items at a time thing.  Pick five items up, and put it where it belongs, and see where that gets me. That may or may not succeed, but I always believe that if at first you don’t succeed, get back in that race.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



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