It’s Sunday, Hop To It

Yeah, it’s Sunday and I gotta get stuff done. Don’t you know it, my laptop’s power cord has a tear and needs to he replaced ASAP. Still there is other stuff to address. Need to show my print journal some love, clean my room, and find a way to play FF XIV. Yeah, get more writing done. 

Been bouncing the idea around of leading coding and game programming mainly to get back into web design. Also to make some games, which I LOVED the idea of doing. A while back I created a concept of a life sim, which I want to revisit and revive. Learning coding should help me put together the game. At least a huge part of it. Perhaps I can take some classes.  That’s in the future.  

Today is about one step at a time, and making progres. Ready to do things and not feel trapped by them.  

As always, happy creative endeavors. 


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