It’s Friday, and We Keep It Moving

It’s been an odd week of me having some ups and downs creative wise. Some days I have ideas, and I jot them down ASAP. Other times I get influenced by images, and seeing things in life, and put those into ideas as well. Other days it feels flat line when it comes to ideas, and I do nothing, or think of nothing.

Yesterday was like that. I was a little flat on the creativity. I did put down some notes, and that was it. Late last night, and early this morning, I had all sorts of odd, surreal dreams, images that my first instinct was to dismiss. However, a part of me, after taking a class on writing Bizarro fiction reminds me that I should be focused on the odd ideas, and expand on them. Why? They would be the most unique material I’ve seen, and to expand upon them might make for some compelling stories.

That said, I immersed myself in some psychedelic art and animation that made me think even more of how surreal elements can impact ideas and concepts. Also I want to have fun with writing. Struggling with the novel, and the TV script has taught me that some things can be very formal to me, and also sometimes too antiseptic. Ther’es no fun in stripping the fun outta ideas. I gotta push back on the immobility I’m suffering.

On a side note, I noticed that I haven’t written any funny animals stories of late. By funny animal, I simply mean something akin to fables, told with some humor. Apparently I know how to make things silly, fun, and entertaining when I add non-human characters with very human traits and foils.  Perhaps its time I look into this among other things.

I would like some time to contemplate getting this stuff done so I can rock a flawless when it comes to the output.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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