I Need a Latte

NOTE: This was yesterday’s post, and I failed to complete and post it. Oh well. If I leave it alone any longer, it may stay in limbo for longer than I really care to think about.  It was an early morning post, and no, I didn’t get a latte (until today, that is). I simply needed to do more writing before I treated myself. I treated myself today though, as I had ideas, and wrote them down.  Even an idea on improving characters (or flattening them). Having some ideas now.

Yes I do, and I deserve it. So I tell myself. Did some writing. Needed to do some more. It seems after work, all I want to do is check up on some vids, respond to some messges, and relax. It seems I spin from one chaotic zone to the next. I have to make more time for writing.  Some side projects got some love, and I was struck by another curious idea I can”t really explore, but did some quick research and and jotted down notes.

I do have a solution to switching gears a little bit. I did managed to get myself a new power chord for my Kindle, and I did get some credit for books, and perhaps if I start reading something, that will give me the detachment from all my chaos I need to get my creative gears working. Everything seems so far away at the moment, and I know I can do better than where I’m at in this moment. Cycles of chaos is a visions thing I dwell in.

So reading will help me put some focus on something new, that I can escape to, and leave other events behind for a short while. I don’t mind, so long as it gets my head of of all my woes. Hopefully, after the focus, my mind will process older things and have some new ideas.

Happy creative endeavors.



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