I actually wrote for the novel last night. I was more than anxious to write. It’s all unformatted, and needs to be revised, but it met my requirement for doing a little at a time. On a side note, I send at least a paragraph, but dialog between characters breaks the paragraph, but not the five sentence minimum. I’m happy about small progress, as it is what I wanted to work on. I already feel the revisions needed for this scene as I didn’t like parts of it that felt a bit clunky. Gonna de-clunk it soon.

I have done without coffee for about three days. I may treat myself today. Part of that is I kinda went hog on coffee on the weekend, and I feel indulgence can be a bit of a pain, and turns to a vice. So, holding back just a little has done me good. I hope I get my habit under control.  Super big iced coffee, and multiple cups within a few days really felt good, but it’s wrong.

Happy creative endeavors.


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