Short and Sweet Post

The start of a new semester, and the place is hopping. I seemed to forget I was supposed to give my journal some love, so that was one of the first things I did. Will need to keep that up as it is one of my happy writing goals. Need to make myself a reward system to get myself writing again. Will also lower the threshold. All I need is a full paragraph for today in regards of the novel, and any other creative writing endeavors I’ve developed.

The only other thing I will say is I want to step up the action game in my fiction. I want some excitement, but I’m writing out dialog scenes.  I consider this is a craft lesson, as I often wish to see more stories, films, TV shows with more action. Why not start with myself, and with my writing. Let’s see what i come up with.  By action, I do refer to the genre and simply more action per scene. I don’t mind some chatting, but people need to do something. So I’ll be thinking of movement along with communication.

Pray for me.

Happy creative endeavors.


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