Classes start tomorrow, and the place is popping. All I hear is background noise, which I need to get used to again. It’s going to eat my focus, I know, but it’s time to get active, and be active. I sound like a life couch, sorta, and I don’t mind it.

Had plenty of ideas this weekend, and none of them meant the novel got worked on. I was totally scatterbrained, but I like that ideas were put down in files, as it means I’m still being creative. What I need to do is focus like it means something. I’m rather disorganized at this moment, and that’s unfair to myself. If I want this novel to work, I have to do it!

On the fair side, I did think I needed a break away moment to step back and see what I’ve done.  I got a bit intimidated and doubted myself like crazy. I was totally unfair to myself. SO I have to get back in the saddle, or keep doubting. I will get to first draft.

I did watch a documentary on Alfred Hitchcock, which was right up my alley. I also got to watch another episode of Mr. Robot.  I really need to sit and watch the episodes uninterrupted. I’ve been getting too distracted so easily when I’m home.  That’s gotta change.

Also my PS3 seems to not have access to the Playstation store for over a month. I was able to update my online apps, but that’s it.  If I didn’t have it, it may not show up for me.  I guess my old console is getting kicked outta the club or something.  Stuff happens.


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