Sometimes when I watch cinema and TV shows, I think that part of the appeal of a good story is what is denied to the character. There’s some taboo moment that the character has to come across, and that springs the hero into a world of consequences he or she has to figure out how to resolve to get back to sanity/peace/balance.

It’s very psychological. For example, one can tell a person “not to do X,” and that seed’s planted in their mind to question X, or they get tricked into doing X, and consequences start popping up.  By consequence I simply mean something beyond their control, and possibly hazardous appears to threaten them, love ones, or innocents.

This brings me to the question, “what do I think is taboo/denied in my own stories? What have I forbid my hero to do that could cause repercussions that can destroy their lives or harm others? How the hell do they resolve these things, cause they done went and stepped in something bad.

No one in stories ever listens, do they? Maybe it’s when someone sets limits– we want to break those rules. Those rules in stories, however, are the foundation of things to come for a film, short story, or even a play. There are dozens of scenarios where I see people either wanting what is taboo (seeking it), or foolish gambits that didn’t turn out the way the hero intended.

Just the same, hero, you’re blocked. Does he or she have the courage or conviction to fix the mess they started?

Happy creative endeavors.


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