Wednesday is a Slowday

I don’t know what happened, however the peppiness is not with me this day. I am way too discombobulated in the mornings, and have to wait for my awareness to slowly come to light. This is too rough. No, lattes won’t bring me up to 100%. I have to take this one hour at a time. Also my stomach is rumbling. I simply feel chaotic, and that has to change.

Writing has been slack as all get out, and that’s embarrassing.  I’ve been thinking it’s time to get back into the novel, and make dedicated progress. I’ve also been reading articles via LitReactor on writing in general, and researching other topics that have nothing to do with the novel…so far. This has at least fed my brain in the evening times.

Perhaps I am going through things the wrong way, and need to allow this week to pass with this schedule, then prepare to go into a great zone when my old schedule (that includes rest) gives me back my regularity. I so need this within the course of a day in order to function. I feel like I can’t get a thing done.

Happy creative endeavors.


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