Tuesdays: The Breakfast of Champions

This day started with me getting up early, getting a much needed haircut, then getting myself together. My days were mixed up, as I expected one event today, but found out it’s actually tomorrow. So much for me me being ahead of the curve. All I can do is laugh a little at myself, and keep it moving. Perhaps I need a latte, but not sure yet. Willing to hold out a tad bit longer.

Yesterday I don’t think I mentioned I LEFT my phone at home. This wouldn’t be so terrible, but as precious posts have highlighted, I do use my Notes app a lot when it comes to putting down ideas. The day felt odd, as I don’t wear a watch (I should really buy one–or get a pocket watch), and thus I was unable to tell time with any real accuracy. The cloks in this place are minimal. During my break, I relied on the microwave for the correct time, and was rather annoyed with that.

No real writing done in my journal, or in my blog from yesterday to speak of, I did goof off with Twitter late last night, so hooray for micro-blogging. I found a wiki that focused on camp and kitsch, so I read it, and I love offbeat humor, so I was amused. The article had an academic feel to it, so I rather felt it was slightly ironic, yet informative. I needs to do some quality writing, among other things.

Happy creative endeavors.


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