Another Monday

Mondays are hard to start, as this is the work week, and I’m up early with no damn coffee. How’d this happen? I’ll have to get myself in order. I don’t feel like it thought.

I did light writing this weekend–I managed to get two outlines done. I showed my print journal some love this weekend. I usually skip weekends with the the writing, but I told myself five sentences is all I need. Didn’t count the sentences, but it met the requirements.I like keeping a hand written journal. Sorta personal, and reinforces writing.

I have surprisingly not placed too personal of stories in the print journal. Mainly I document pieces of the day, and whatever creative endeavors I worked on. For example, I’d put, “I need a latte today if I ever plan to get my head in the game.”

I also cooked lasagna this weekend. It was delicious, and I’m sure that it will be gone soon. It wasn’t perfect, as I used small pans, and the last one was short some pasta. I should have balanced it more. Hey, it was fun to do though, and even more fun to master next time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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