Feeling Impish

So on Friday night I had this dream that there were vampires, and that I had the ability to teleport them to the sun. I made a lot of bad puns, and I awoke with only a fraction of what happened. It was so silly, and wouldn’t leave me. It’s nice when I remember dreams without writing them down.

Part of me thinks this idea is so silly, but it won’t vanish into the ether of my mind. Perhaps its pleading with me to write it as a screenplay. It’s gonna be on the back burner, but I can write up an outline, and work that out.

I say this is impish of me, because it sounds like pure mischief, silliness, and I want to see how far I can take this story with its absurd premise. I like the idea of having fun while writing, so why not work this out?  I can see it as a spoof of an action/horror film while not taking itself too serious.

Other than that, I’ve been doing some prep-work for lasagna, and that took up longer than imagined, but I had to buy all the ingredients, and then come home and put stuff together. Not bad, but time-consuming. I’m glad I spread out time to cook this over two days.


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