Fifteen Points Part II

So, This is what the fifteen points look like like when arranged correctly.  This is where you let this cat marinate a little, to see if it makes senses or not, or where there needs to be some revisions.

Again, special thanks to Sarah Beach, who writes pretty well, and knows a lot about story structure.  She has a couple of blogs. Check them out when you have the free time.  She also wrote The Scribbler’s Guide To the Land of Myth. Good book to read, by the way.

EDIT: Sarah informs me, she got the 15 point outline from Claudia Suzanne. The technique is called, “Meet Me in the Middle.”

I initially referenced  Save the Cat, 15 point plot, which is also viable, and by Blake Snyder, which is another cool resource for writers.  Snyder’s written at least two books, and check out Save the Cat.

1:  Nico and Helga get stuck in traffic, and Helga’s water breaks (expecting next month).

2:  Helga reveals the baby’s not Nico’s but his friend Kole’s.

3: Helga calls Kole, and Nico has to listen to this mess.

4: Nico calls for an ambulance, as the contractions start.

5:  Helga admits Nico doesn’t excite her, Kole does, but Nico is stable and kind.

6: The ambulance arrives, and Nico and Helga part ways.

7: The traffic clears up, and Kole sends Nico a few text messages.

8: Kole calls his parents, who have some harsh words for him.

9: Nico deletes all the messages without responding.

10: Though, upset, Helga has to focus–She’s having the baby.

11:  Nico tries to wrap his head around this betrayal by the people he loves the most who still want him in their lives.

12: While delivering, Helga calls for Nico but imagines Kole was there.

13: Nico visits Helga at the hospital.

14: Helga’s relationship with Nico is over. Kole doesn’t answer Helga’s calls.

15:  Helga delivers a healthy baby, her family and Kole’s family visits her. She cries.

Happy creative endeavors.


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