Fifteen Points Part I

Well, just cause I talked about it, I now have to share this. On Tuesday’s post, I mentioned I used a fifteen point plot. My friend Sarah told me this, so credit where credit is due.

It’s fairly simple, so I hope it helps. First thing’s first. In order to do this you’re simply writing the first part of your plot, and the the resolution to this. This is points one and fifteen. By the way, I made up this plot for this example.

It’s not a foolproof method, and subject to revisions, but this is where it starts.

1:    Nico and Helga get stuck in traffic, and Helga’s water breaks (expecting next month).
15:  Helga delivers a healthy baby, her family and Kole’s  family visits her. She cries.

I don’t know how, but that’s what happens. I would go to two and fourteen next.

2:  Helga reveals the baby’s not Nico’s but his friend Kole’s.
14: Helga’s relationship with Nico is over. Kole doesn’t answer his phone.

You get the picture. Three and thirteen.

3: Helga calls Kole, and Nico has to listen to this mess.
13: Nico visits Helga at the hospital.

Four and twelve:

4: Nico calls for an ambulance, as the contractions start.
12: While delivering, Helga calls for Nico but wishes Kole was there.

Five and eleven:

5:  Helga admits Nico doesn’t excite her, Kole does, but Nico is stable and kind.
11:  Nico tries to wrap his head around this betrayal by the people he loves the most who still want him in their lives.

Six and Ten:

6: The ambulance arrives, and Nico and Helga part ways.
10: Though, upset, Helga has to focus–She’s having the baby.

Seven and nine:

7:The traffic clears up, and Kole sends Nico a few text messages.
9: Nico deletes all the messages.

Eight stands by itself.

8: Kole calls his parents, who have some harsh words for him.

More on this via part two.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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