This is one of those hot mess mornings where I struggled to wake, then be alert/focused. Couldn’t find half the things I needed, and thank God I am wearing matching shoes. Some days getting it together means I’m glad I’m OK. No writing to speak of, or formatting to declare. Hopefully that will happen son. If not, we gotta play the waiting game, which I don’t really want to do, but priorities and distractions catch me but good.

Starting with a blog post isn’t a bad start at all when it comes to writing. I always feel like it’s a plus in my day to blog. Also I keep a journal which has helped me me more. I like writing things down, and try to update the journal frequently. I have to admit, sometimes I do skip the weekends with the journal. Weekdays, this thing gets hammered with text. I live for those moments.

Also I thought I lost my keys. They weren’t in my usual spot, and I knew the moment I calmed down, I would find them. I did put them up, just in a different area, so thank goodness for a moment of chill to find what was misplaced. Slowly this day will shape itself into something greater than where it was yesterday, and greater than where was a few moments ago.

Happy creative endeavors.


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