Why So Serious II

I tried to write this post several times today. I either was interrupted, or erased the content. This is what I wanted to say: One of my random ideas became more real to me, and I decided to write it down. What I also did was pull out my worksheet, and began to type a plot for this story. What I ended up doing was going into a lot of details, and what and why this happened. All I needed was the bare bones. I needed to keep the plot simple, and clear.

Needless to say this produced some frustration and annoyance on my part. I was so upset that I overwhelmed myself, and eventually didn’t resolve the plot. I went home, tried to figure out what was wrong, and thought I was simply not being funny, or having fun with the story. In reality, what I did, is what i described earlier. I wrote too much of things that didn’t need to be there. I took the fun away by over-explaining to myself.

So…today I started over. Skipped the worksheet, made a fifteen point plot where I wrote out what happened. Anytime I got overly detailed, I edited the lines. Some details got even less details. One character was reduced to “incompetent administrator,” because that’s all I need to know for now.  I did allow myself to write a couple of lines of dialog in the plot point that I think I can use later, or revise.

I’m glad I figured some things out. The frustration really had me going there for a bit, and this was supposed to be me plotting something for pure fun. I don’t know how the main character feels yet. That’s another day. I may just make a sentence where I put how she feels above the plot points…or not.  I don’t know how she feels yet, and may not know until I get to writing the story. That in itself is for another day. I just wanted the idea to stop nagging me while I work on the novel.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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