Monday Incline

Yesterday I was in a meh mood. Not too much seemed to perk me up. I did do some writing, and that was good. I simply felt I needed to relax, and it didn’t do me too much good. The writing was pretty much the good part. I worked on the novel, and random ideas I had for scenes for other stories. Don’t know where those are going. I was happy to write them out, so at least they now have a file, as opposed to living in my imagination.

Didn’t do too much by way of movie watching, and gaming was a little meh. Perhaps I needed more rest than I anticipated. I did manage to get laundry done, which was good for me. Nothing beats fresh clothes. I did was my small pillow, and that threw off its shape. I knew that the moment I put my head on it. Neck discomfort and pain came almost immediately.  Readjusted that pillow so many times before I fell asleep. My neck’s hurting now.

That’s it. I’m sorta waiting for the Aleve to kick in and manage the discomfort.

Happy creative endeavors.


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